Ends on April 18, 2019

 The Norfolk Public Art Commission and the Elizabeth River Trail Larchmont Planning Committee seek to commission an artist to design and create artwork.  

LOCATION/CONTEXT: The Elizabeth River Trail is an urban bike and pedestrian path providing recreational and educational opportunities as well as an alternate commuters’ route. The 10.5-mile trail runs along the waterfront from the Port of Virginia, behind the Larchmont Library through downtown Norfolk and east towards Virginia Beach. An impassioned effort is underway to re-energize and enhance the entire trail with the addition of 11 trailhead access points. Public art is planned for locations all along the trail with each artwork telling the unique story of the specific place while maintaining the over-arching theme of nature, the trail, and the water. Enhancement plans for the Larchmont Library Trailhead include a new playground, amphitheater seating, a bike repair and water station, a cell phone charging station and a kayak launching site.  

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Larchmont portion of the trail is a picturesque transitional gateway for experiencing the wetlands, the river, wildlife, and amazing sunsets. It is heavily used by neighboring residents for dog walking, exercise and as a gathering spot. It is also an entry point for the trail since the site has parking for bikers, joggers and walkers who use the trail every day. The ideal artwork for Larchmont should be refreshing, welcoming, inclusive, contemplative, and perhaps mystical. The proximity to the community library full of literary treasures could inspire naturalistic, humanistic or romantic themes.  

SITE: Larchmont Library is located on an acre of greenspace between the Lafayette River and Hampton Boulevard, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Norfolk. Artwork could be placed anywhere along this trailhead that runs from busy Hampton Boulevard to the serene area behind the library. At the site are thirteen 6’ x 2.5’ rectangular, like-new, concrete bases left from a previous public art project. The bases will either be removed or left for possible use for this artwork. Artists have the option to place 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional artwork on one or multiple bases to create a sense of movement, a journey or story-telling. A site plan and map of the bases can be seen at www.norfolkarts.net.

SIZE/MEDIUM: The artwork will be pedestrian scale. Artist should assume artwork will be touched and must be durable and of permanent materials that will stand the test of time. Materials must be safe and easily maintained.    

PROJECT FUNDS: Up to three finalists may be selected to be interviewed by the Public Art Planning Committee via Skype. The finalists are not expected to complete a design at this stage but will be interviewed about past work and their creative process. There will also be a preliminary discussion of the site. The committee reserves the right to select the final artist without a finalist process.  The total budget for the completed, delivered, and installed artwork is $50,000. This will cover artist’s honorarium, fabrication, materials, shipping, insurance, and travel expenses necessary to complete the project, project plaque, final documentation and any incidental expenses. The artist must hire a Virginia licensed contractor to install the artwork(s). The selected artist will be asked to present an educational workshop or presentation to the community.  Please note that a city contract will be issued with a design phase requiring review and approval by the Public Art Commission prior to fabrication.  The selected artist must carry a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy naming the City of Norfolk as an additional insured and must provide certificates of insurance to that effect guaranteeing thirty (30) days written notice before any changes to the policies become effective. Insurance can be purchased, and certificate presented after the first payment is made. If the artist employs anyone in connection with this work, the artist must carry a worker’s compensation insurance policy and an automobile liability insurance policy if appropriate. The artist shall also be responsible for assuring subcontractors, if there are any, meet the same insurance requirements.     

CALENDAR: This calendar is subject to change.

March 21, 2019,4:00 p.m. EST Site Review and Education Meeting, Larchmont Library, 6525 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23508

April 18, 2019, 2:00 p.m. EST time, submittal due date and time

Spring 2019, selection announced

Spring 2020, completion of art  

SELECTION CRITERIA AND AWARD CONSIDERATIONS: The commission will be awarded based on many factors such as the aesthetic value, creativity and contemporary relevance of the proposed piece. The city will consider the diversity of beliefs and values and general standards of decency of the citizens who fund the commission and purchase public art for the City of Norfolk. The award will be made to the responsible offeror whose submission is determined in writing to be the most advantageous to the City taking into consideration the evaluation factors set forth in this Request for Proposal.    The following criteria will be used in the proposal evaluation process: • Artistic merit (excellence, originality, creativity and innovative approaches) as evidenced by submitted materials • Professional artistic experience to fulfill the requirements of this project either in studio, educational, community, employment and/or art projects and the ability to undertake the design, creation and installation of the artwork • Appropriateness of materials, style and concepts in relation to this prospectus   

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: Submission must be submitted via Submittable website at https://norfolkcommission.submittable.com/submit or delivered to 810 Union Street, Suite 303, (City Hall Building) Norfolk, VA 23510 by 2:00 PM EST on April 18, 2019, 2019. Artists are highly encouraged to apply through Submittable. There is no application fee to apply or use the Submittable online application system.  

The following materials are required:

1. Statement of Understanding, online agreement of compliance to all State of Virginia codes. See last page of this document for Statement of Understanding. 

2. Letter of Interest, outline your interest in this project and how you will approach the artwork design and creation. (1000 word max) 

3. Resume, maximum of two (2) pages, outlining your professional accomplishments.  If submitting as a team, please include resumes for each team member, with each resume not exceeding two (2) pages. 

4. Artwork Images, selection of up to ten (10) images representing artworks most relevant to the scope of this opportunity.  You may submit up to two (2) video files if relevant to showing the artwork. 

 5. References, three (3) professional references, including name, affiliated organization (if appropriate), email address, phone number, and relationship to each reference.      

QUESTIONS/FOLLOW UP:  Questions about this project may be directed to Abigail Parrott Office of the Purchasing Agent, 757-664-4022 or abigail.parrott@norfolk.gov. For assistance with the Submittable online application process, contact Submittable tech support at support@submittable.com.  

This Request for Proposals is governed in all respects, including but not limited to the award decision, by the Code of the City of Norfolk, 1979, as amended, especially Chapter 33.1, the Procurement Chapter, and its associated regulations.  For more information on doing business with the City of Norfolk or to become familiar with the City Code generally, its Procurement Chapter and regulations, or the ethics and non-discrimination sections of the Procurement please go to the city web site at http://www.norfolk.gov/purchasing.The City encourages women and minorities to submit proposals and for non-minority artist to participate with small businesses and women and minorities through partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts and other contractual opportunities.  Please describe any planned use of such businesses in fulfilling this contract.  

Before submitting proposals, please review the website http://www.norfolk.gov/bids.aspx for possible updates and addendums.